Annoying Arlene
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date February 1, 2010
Written by Ron Rappaport
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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When Tripp finds out that Arelene, an annoying classmate, has a record producer for a father, he takes her out on a date in order to help out the band. However, a new Iron Weasel demo called "Annoying Arlene" accidentally falls into her hands. It's now up to the guys to get the CD back before anyone hears it.


  • Derek: I once told a girl that I couldn't go out with her because I had a date with a hotter girl...That's when I learned that girls can't handle the truth.
  • Tripp: We just told a huge record producer that his daughter is hugely annoying, now we're hugely dead!
    Derek: Relax kid, maybe he won't realize the song is about his daughter.
    Tripp: It's labeled "Annoying Arlene".
    Ash: So what? The guys wrote once wrote a song called "Dumb Ash" and it wasn't about me, right?
    Burger: (awkwardly) No.
    Derek: Not at all.
  • Derek: There's no "I" in "Iron Weasel".
    Tripp: Yes there is.
    Derek: Well, there's no "We" in "Iron Weasel".
    Tripp: It's right at the beginning of Weasel.
  • Derek: Well, I'll tell what's not going to be in Iron Weasel, and that's you (points at Tripp) if you don't go on a date with Annoying Arlene.
  • Tripp: Hey um, do you have anything to eat? Cause i'm starving, if i don't eat, I get cranky.
  • Arlene: Rawr! you are a hungry tiger! Yes you are! Yes You are! A Hungry Tiger.
  • Tripp: Remember... Cranky!
  • Arlene: Remember.... Cutie! (snorts and laughs)
  • Tripp: Brrrrr
  • Arlene: Grrrrrrr (in a sexy way) Don't move. Momma's gonna find you something warm and toasty!

Iron Weasel songs featured:

"Annoying Alene" & "I'll Never Learn".


  • It is revealed in this episode that Derek can speak Spanish.
  • This is the first time Tripp's mom sings.
  • Arlene has a telescape that is pointed to Tripp room.

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I'm In The Band 1x04 - Annoying Arlene (Part 1)

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