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Ashley "Ash" Tyler is the drummer of Iron Weasel.


Ash can always be depended upon for a good deed, a laugh, and Tug of War Tuesday. Ash is the band's amiable drummer, who is often depicted as being the dumbest of the three. He used to have a pet fish named Sushi, which got killed after Burger's shorted-out bass zapped it.


Ash is usually described as the dumbest of the lot. He is good natured, and seems to have a deep love and talent for music. This has been proven several times, as he is a depth in rock-n'-roll, classical, and jazz music. Ash also seems to be slightly selfrightous and always takes the blame for what other do. He is also very forgetful easily forgetting and mixing up locations and directions. Despite this their have been instances where he has shown some high intellect, such as when he hacked a computer system, realized Burger was mad, and that Tripp had dropped out of high school before the others did.


  • He had 2 fish named Sushi and Sushi 2 but one got killed by Burger's bass after zapped and the other jumped out of the bowl and died.
  • The band wrote a song about Ash named "Dumb Ash".
  • In the episode Slap Goes the Weasel is revealed that Ash's full name is Ashley.
  • He's the drummer of the Iron Weasel.
  • He is the only member of Iron Weasel to have black hair.
    Bleed Guitarist

    Ash second from the left gasping at Tripp

  • Ash seems to be better friend with Burger than with Derek.
  • Ash is played by Stephen Full.
  • Samuel accidentally used Voice Blaster to Gigan voice into Ash voice. (possibly similar voice as Gigan and Ash)
  • Ash is the only member of iron weasel that doesn't call Tripp by a nickname (Burger calls him "little man" and Derek calls him "kid".)
  • Ash seems to get hurt a lot more than the rest of Iron Weasel.
  • Ash knows how to play the trombone.
  • Ash has his own Band, Velvet Weasel
  • Ash says he's the second dumbest person in Iron Weasel and Derek and Burger think each other are the dumbest.
  • Ash has a tail. (Prank Week 2)