Band Van is the song sung in Road Tripp and is also the second song to have a music video.thumb|right|284px


Hey, get down honey
Get on the road, pedal up the gas
No time for goin' slow she drives us hard and
'Till her wheels come off, 'till her paint peels off
A tattooed road warrior, she never gets enough

Oh, oh, oh, oh she's a part of the show
Our sweet home away from homes
We eat,sleep, pee in a can
Just to play for our fans
She's a rock'n roll van, and, and, and

She's our Band Van
Looks like a burrito exploded
Band Van
Whew, someone must be gassy and bloated
Our Band Van
Smells like at cage at the zoo
Band Van
Is that a roadie is still in there too
Band Van
Drums,guitars and clothes everywhere
Band Van
Look, i found somebody's hair
Our Band Van
She Drives likes she is one of us
Band Van
She's the Rock'in Weasel tour bus!