Season 1, Episode 8
Air date March 8, 2010
Written by Richard Gurman
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Tripp's birthday arrives with his mom and Iron Weasel throwing him a party on the same day. His mom is throwing him a kids party, while Iron Weasel are throwing him a rocker party. He doesn't want to upset anyone so he keeps dashing from place to place. In the end, everyone finds out but Tripp's mom lets him have what he wants, understanding that he needs to grow up. The band perform the love song that they have been trying to write, inspired by Tripp's mother's lullaby.


  • Tripp: I'm dead. I mean, I can't have the band think I'm a momma's boy, and I can't disappoint my mom because I'm all she's got. So I'm stuck with two people throwing me parties on the same day.
  • Jared: Oh, much worse than my life where no one has ever thrown me a birthday party.
  • Izzy: Jared, chill, we'll deal with that when your birthday comes around.
  • Jared: My birthday was yesterday!
  • Izzy: Then we have a whole year, don't we?


  • Iron Weasel song(s) featured:
    "You're My Baby".
  • This is the first appearance of Grandma Nana.
  • Apparently, Jared can't keep a secret. It's also revealed that he has a crush on the lunch lady.
  • This is actually the first episode produced in the entire series, and it is the first episode in production order. However, it was made as the 8th episode

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