Burning Down the HouseEdit

Beth gets irritated because Derek, Ash and Burger constantly mess around the house and break things, so she warns them that she will give them only one more chance.

But right after she went out, the guys had a party behind her back, and leave to another party guest's house. When they returned back home, they find the entire house burnt and covered in ashes. Beth is horrified to see this and throws Derek, Burger and Ash out of the house forever. So the the three of them settle down in the band van.

But later, it turns out that it was actually Beth's rolling iron that had caused the fire, because she left them on. Beth realizes that she blamed the other guys when it was actually her fault. She lies to the band that she forgives them and does not tell them the truth that it was her fault.

Later, when the band find out that Beth had been lying to them, they act in front of her as if Derek, Ash, and Burger are really leaving the house and giving up their rocker lifestyles. This makes Beth nervous and prompts her to tell the truth. Finally, she confesses the truth to them and apologises.

So while the house is now burnt, Beth, along with the band, have moved into the garage.

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