Season 1, Episode 6
Air date February 15, 2010
Written by Michael B. Kaplan
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Arlene invites Tripp and his band mates over to her house for a gathering honoring the demise of Hip Hop. The band is overjoyed at the opportunity to impress Arlene’s record producer father with their rock ‘n’ roll song “Pretty Bitter,” and celebrate the demise of hip hop music and the resurgence of rock ‘n’ roll. Unfortunately, Hip Hop turns out to be a cat and they quickly realize they are at a funeral and not an industry party. Through a series of hysterical antics, Iron Weasel manages to turn their misunderstanding around and awe Barry with a rock song honoring Hip Hop the cat. In the end, the guys have a funeral for Ash's fish who had just died. Tripp is also proud to present Ash with a new fish, "Sushi 2". Unfortunately, when Burger tries to play a song in honor of the first Sushi, his bass electrocutes touches Sushi 2's fishbowl. They then have a second funeral.


  • Tripp: I never said this before and I'll probably never say it again. Ash, you're a genius!
    Derek: (deadpan) Your dad's not dead.
    Ash: I know, but I don't have a cell phone.
  • Tripp: We just got to focus, believe in ourselves, and...why aren't you wearing any pants?
    Ash: Oh, I noticed that nothing good ever happens to me when I'm wearing pants.
    Ash: Hey guys! I just bought the world's hottest jalapeño pepper, and the dude at the store bet I couldn't eat all in one bite. (takes a bite of the pepper and walks into the living room) YEEEE-OOOOOOOOH-OOOH-OOOH!!!
    Ash: (in the next scene) Hey guys! I just got a bunch of paper cuts. But before I bandage them, I going to finish making my hand-squeezed lemonade. (goes into the kicthen and is heard squeezing lemons) YEEEE-AAAAAH-AAAH-AAAAAH!!!
    (the scene changes with Ash holding a steak in front of the door)
    Ash: Here coyote... here coyote... (walks outside and the coyote is heard growling and scratching) YEEEEEE-AAAAH-AAAAAAAAH!!!
    (Back to the current scene)
    Ash: And every one of those times, I was wearing pants.
    Tripp: (sarcastically) Yeah, it's the pants


  • Iron Weasel song(s) featured:

"Pretty Bitter" (Later reprised as "Kitty Litter")

  • Ash had a pet fish named "Sushi".
  • Arlene had a cat named "Hip-Hop".

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