Geezers Rock
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date March 15, 2010
Written by Ron Rappaport
Directed by Rich Correll
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Iron Weasel decide to record a charity single for Tripp's grandmother's retirement home. But when the band purposely spends the money from the song on a sky-diving trip, They must perform community service to pay off their debt to the home.


  • Ash: Old people are no fun. There always like "Turn down that music", "Cut you hair", "Stop hugging me or I'll call the bus driver!"
  • Derek: Oh come on, What's he gonna do, put us in jail? (laughing then Burger and Ash laugh, but later crying in jail)
  • Derek: Kid! We need to get out of here.
  • Ash: They made us go to the yard and excuses and then they made us go to the shower and shower. It's bad man, it's bad!
  • Burger: There's no privacy.
    Tripp: Burger, you go to the bathroon with the door open all the time.
    Burger: I meant for writing in my diary.
  • Derek: Someone's got a crush on your mother.
  • Burger: (interrupting) Not cool!


Iron Weasel song(s) featured:

  • "Geezers Rock"
  • "I Wanna Punch Stuff"

This is the second episode to have the song I Wanna Punch Stuff.

Episode video

I'm In The Band 1x09 - Geezers Rock (Part 1)

I'm In The Band 1x09 - Geezers Rock (Part 1)

Part 1

I'm In The Band 1x09 - Geezers Rock (Part 2)

I'm In The Band 1x09 - Geezers Rock (Part 2)

Part 2