Got No Class
Season 1, Episode 5
Got no Class
Air date February 8, 2010
Written by Rick Nyholm
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Annoying Arlene

Iron Weasel and Tripp decide to film a music video. However, things get out of hand when they choose Tripp's school as the place to film it at, and have disguises ready to put on, in case Principal Strickland finds them. Being called an idiot for the last time, Ash decides to quit the band and becomes the new high school janitor. Now, Tripp, Derek and Burger need to make Ash feel appreciated and convince him to come back to the band.


  • Ash: I don't need to be the world's smartest janitor, I'm perfectly happy being the second dumbest guy in Iron Weasel!

Derek and Burger: (simultaneously) Ha, he just said you were the dumbest.


  • Iron Weasel song(s) featured:

"Got No Class"

Episode Video

thumb|492px|left|Part 1thumb|492px|right|Part 2

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