Arch-rival rock band "Metal Wolf" ask Tripp to join them but he refuses at first, until he gets in a fight with the Weasels about how Metal Wolf is a huge success because they focus on the work and music instead of goofing off like Iron Weasel so he decides to take up the offer and join Metal Wolf.; After joining Metal Wolf, Tripp thinks that now he can live his rock star dream and live as wild and crazy as possible. But Metal Wolf, off the stage, are tamed, well-behaved and posers that only play for the money and not the music. So Tripp rethinks his choice and wants to go back to Iron Weasel and the band feels the same. They go to Paris, where Metal Wolf is playing, to ask Tripp to come back, but after hearing from Metal Wolf that they are playing the Super Bowel they decide to let him stay with them as this may be his only chance to play an event this big. Izzy, who became Metal Wolf's lacky, comes back from waxing their limo to see Iron Weasel taking advantage of Metal Wolf's hotel room and get pampered, tells them that Tripp hates Metal Wolf and wanted to rejoin Iron Weasel. So they all go to get Tripp back but face guards, Jerry Rice and Metal Wolf and the band get they big break at the superbowl Burger sees that Metal Wolf have a Amp Blaster 5000. Tripp's Nanna Is in the band and out of the band when Tripp returns.