I Wanna Punch Stuff
Season 1, Episode 2
Tripp and Lana
Air date January 18, 2010
Written by Eric Friedman
Directed by Adam Weissman
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After Tripp is dumped by Lana, the hottest girl in his class, he takes out his anger by writing a song called "I Wanna Punch Stuff". On the other hand, Tripp invites Iron Weasel's former roadie and MMA fighter Ernesto, who wants revenge after they pantsed him during his proposal, declaring that he will 'destroy them'. Tripp confronts him by offering to let him use his song as Ernesto's entrance music for his fight. Tripp, however, gets back together with Lana and is unable to complete the song. Derek, Ash and Burger try to get Lana to dump Tripp again so he will be angry enough to finish Ernesto's song, which succeeds. After performing the song at Ernesto's fight, Derek accidently pants Ernesto again with his microphone stand, though later on he is jailed for "running vacant through town, pantsing innocent, pants wearing bystanders".


  • Ash: So, Tripp, I've been reading your diary. Bet that makes you pretty angry.
    Tripp: Not really. That's my mom's diary.
    Ash: Are you sure, Mr. 'What was I thinking letting three stupid rock stars move in with my son?' (realizing what he said) Oh..... (offended) Hey!
  • Tripp: (trying to protect Iron Weasel) Ernesto the Besto, I know you're mad at them for ruining your proposal.
    Burger: And for Derek dating your ex-girlfriend, Julie.
    Ernesto: What?! You dated Julie?
    Derek: (to Burger) He didn't know that


  • Iron Weasel song(s) featured:

"I Wanna Punch Stuff"

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