Izzy Gonna Sing?
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date October 18, 2010
Written by Michael B Kaplan
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Derek loses his voice during a screaming contest with Ash and Burger, leaving the band in jeopardy of losing a paid gig. Izzy offers to sing in his place, but Tripp dismisses her rock fantasy. Finally realizing the bind the band is in, Tripp reluctantly asks Izzy to take his place, but she refuses after feeling hurt that Tripp doesn't fully support her rock star dreams.


  • In this episode Izzy joins the band and then quits when Derek recovers his voice.
  • Derek for the first time loses his voice in this episode and recovers it later, in the next episode he can sing.

Episode VideoEdit

I'm In The Band 1x18 - Izzy Gonna Sing? (Part 1)10:48

I'm In The Band 1x18 - Izzy Gonna Sing? (Part 1)

I'm In The Band 1x18 - Izzy Gonna Sing? (Part 2)10:44

I'm In The Band 1x18 - Izzy Gonna Sing? (Part 2)

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