Magic Tripp
Season 1, Episode 11
Magic Tripp1
Air date June 28, 2010
Written by Michael B. Kaplan
Directed by Adam Weissman
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What Happened?

Tripp convinces Iron Weasel's former manager Vic Blaylock to meet for dinner and consider representing them again. Everything goes smoothly until Tripp touches Derek's motorcycle wrecking it causing Derek to lash out at Burger and Ash thinking they wrecked it. Vic Blaylock then becomes uncomfortable because it was the band's frequent arguing that led him to quit as the band's manager. At a last resort, Derek performs some magic tricks with Tripp to win him over, which doesn't go to plan and Tripp stands up to Vic, saying that he is the problem, not the band's constant arguing and needs to loosen up before he is right to manage them.


  • Derek: I can't believe you two ruined my motorcycle. (to Ash and Burger)
  • Tripp: Don't blame them Derek, it was just-- (Burger interuptes him)
  • Burger: It was just a lame-brain move on our part. I don't know what we were thinking.
    Ash: I never know what I'm thinking!
  • Derek: I'm gonna get a blowtorch and wrench and a hammer.
  • Ash: I wanna fix your bike.
  • Derek: NO!.
  • Tripp: You don't have to take the blame for me. I can take responsibility for what i did.
    Burger: Trust me little man, it is better this way. He expects this from us. I break things, Ash does dumb stuff. But you're a teenager. Teenagers never break things or do dumb stuff.
  • Ash: Yeah, what if Derek got so mad he kicked you out of Iron Weasel? It be weird, man. You being out of the band, us still living in your house, Burger still having a secret crush on your mom.
  • Burger: Dude!!
    (Tripp looks confused)


  • Iron Weasel Song(s) featured:
    "Face Down in a Plate of Nachos".
  • We learn that Derek used to perform magic, but gave it up after an incident on stage, where he tried to magically change his clothes and ended up in his underwear.
    • Steve Valentine (Derek) is actually a very well-skilled magician in real life.
  • We first learn that Burger has a secret crush on Tripp's mom.

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I'm In The Band 1x11 - Magic Tripp (Part 1)

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