Metal Wolf is the arch rival band of Iron Weasel. Metal Wolf came to Tripp's House one day asking him to join them, but he said no. Later, thinking of a better future with Metal Wolf, he changes his mind and joins them. Very soon after, it is revealed that Metal Wolf are not as crazy as they said. They take Tripp to the Super Bowl half time show and leave Izzy at the hotel. They force Tripp to sign a contract (the contract says that Tripp will be a part of their band and can not get out of it). However, Tripp missed Iron Weasel and signed the contract with a different name. Then, he blasts Metal Wolf into the air (using a giant fan) and leaves them there.

Metal Wolf


Iron Weasel


Tripp Campbell (when he joined the band)

Izzy Fuentes

Contests entered

The Pain Games

The Winter Pain Games (Future)

The Spring Pain Games (Possibly)


Iron Weasel

Thunder Monkey (Maybe)