Prank Week
Season 1, Episode 14
Prank Week2
Air date July 19, 2010
Written by Mike Montesano and Ted Zizik
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Tripp plots revenge after Iron Weasel embarrasses him with a prank in front of the entire school, but worse, Ernesto returns to get revenge. Meanwhile, Izzy determined to pull a prank on Tripp.


  • Derek: We'll be okay, as long as we don't go anywhere at anytime.
  • Burger: Oh no, we're somewhere!
  • Ash: And it's 6:00! (Derek, Burger, and Ash scream)
  • Burger: Now they can't go over a cliff without freaking out!
  • Tripp: I'm going to pull a prank on you that is so huge and so clever and so scary that even your nightmares are going to have nightmares about it.
  • Ash: (Derek and Burger trick Ash into walking over hot coals) Not cool, man!
  • Derek: Hey, it's quicker if you crawl across.
  • Ash: I'm sleeping in the van.


  • Ernesto breaks out of jail in this episode.
  • This is the first episode where an Iron Weasel song isn't featured.
  • In this episode, we find out that Iron Weasel has a yearly tradition called "Prank Week", when the band plays pranks on each other.


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