Prank Week 2
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date August 1, 2011
Written by Ron Rappaport
Directed by Victor Gonzalez
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The episode begins with Derek, Ash and Burger discussing about Prank Week, which starts the next day. But from that day itself, Tripp pranks them, and Derek tells him that Prank Week isn't until tomorrow, but Tripp tells them that it starts today, because he changed the calendar. Derek, Ash and Burger decide to prank Tripp for revenge, but Derek and Ash decide not to get Burger too involved in pranking Tripp because Burger gets himself into a lot of pressure. Much to his dismay, Burger decides to help Derek and Ash anyway, but because of that, the prank fails.

Later that night, upset because of what Derek and Ash told him, Burger asks Tripp whether he really seems to be in a lot of pressure, and Tripp tells him just to be confident, giving him a lucky guitar pick. Burger then decides to change sides and tells Tripp that they will pretend as if Tripp is being pranked, when they're actually pranking Derek and Ash.

But the next day at school, where the prank was going to take place, Principal Jenkins falls into the trap. Furious, he expels Tripp from school. Burger ties up Principal Jenkins against his own will and the rest of the band find out, with Tripp telling Burger that if he does that, they will end up in jail.

To make sure Principal Jenkins doesn't put them in jail, thay decide to put him in a gorilla cage. But before they could put him inside, the gorilla breaks lose while the band was arguing, and starts chasing them around the house and gets Principal Jenkins. Burger tells the band to stay in the cage, where they're safe, but the gorilla gets Burger too. But then the band (inside the cage) hear Burger yelling "Weasel Prank!"

It turned out that Burger had pranked the rest of Iron Weasel all along, with a little help from Principal Jenkins, who wanted take revenge on Tripp for all that he had done. Tripp then tells Burger that the lucky guitar pick was actually fake, and Burger managed to pull off the prank with huge confidence on his own. Then, Izzy shows up in a gorilla costume, as everyone finds out the hard way that the gorilla who participated in Burger and Jenkins' pranks is actually a real live one.

Sometime later, Burger and Tripp are once again playing with the Derek and Ash voodoo dolls, unaware that they're making the real Derek and Ash punch, kiss, and hug each other.