This is a list of a few minor characters that appear in the show.

1. Cornelius Strickland is Tripp's hot-tempered principal who deals with a lot of shenanigans at the school, especially involving Iron Weasel, which he loathes.

2. Martin is a little red headed neighbor kid who always lies. He claimed to be governor, a pizza delivery man, part llama, and colors his hair with crayons.

3. Iris is Iron Weasel's biggest fan whom they met on the highway. Derek delivered her baby.

4. Charles is the kid who got injured cause of the Weasel Slap. He hates being called Chucky.

5. Bryce Johnson is a rich, smart, and handsome jock. He stole Tripp's first crush in kindergarten and he stole Lana from Tripp twice. He made his first appearance in Money Bags.

6. Grandma Nana is Tripp's grandma. She lives at Shady Glade nursing home where Iron Weasel performed their song "Geezers Rock" to raise awareness of how awesome old people can be.

7. The Diamond Sharksis an all girl band that seems to mirror Iron Weasel. British lead singer, Devon, hefty bassist, Bertha, and dim-witted drummer, Ali. They were on the show "Rock Off" and played against Iron Weasel in Flip of Doom.

8. Stacy is a beautiful girl at Tripp's school who he usually blows his chances with. She's a cheerleader who at one point performs cartwheels in Tripp's living room.

9. Ginais crazy girl who loves Tripp. However, like Tripp, she found Samuel until he beat him.