Slap Goes the Weasel
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date January 25, 2010
Written by Denise Stasichin
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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A problem arises for Iron Weasel when their move, the "Weasel Slap", is uploaded on video by Tripp. With this, Iron Weasel's reputation is compromised when a fan gets injured while performing the new move. And they have to write a song for the fan that gets injured.


  • Tripp: This all started because some kid hurt himself doing the Weasel Slap. Well, I invited him to come over here.
    Burger: Oh, good! Are we going to beat him with a bag of oranges?
    Derek and Ash: Yeah!
    Tripp: (sarcastically) Yeah, because that will give us great publicity. I'll also have that reporter come over.
    Derek: So, we're going to beat her with a bag of oranges!
    Derek, Ash, and Burger: Yeah!
    Tripp: Do you guys even know what good publicity means?!
    Derek, Ash, and Burger: No.
    Tripp: NO ORANGES!
    Derek, Ash, and Burger: Oh.
  • Ash: (watching the picket line outside) Wow, those are some angry moms. Kinda reminds me of my mom. (imitates his mom) "Ash, eat your vegetables. Ash, clean your room. Ash, un-tie me!"
    Derek: I don't care how angry those moms are. All I care is that they're screaming our name! I mean if you ignore all the extra words and the hateful tone, it's actually quite flattering.
  • Derek: After a long night of being irritated beyond all reason, the four rock stars led the obnoxious little boy into the deep, dark woods. And he was never seen again. The end.
  • Tripp: I think you go to sleep Chucky...


  • Iron Weasel song(s) featured:

"Our Friend, Chucky"

  • Episode title: Slap Goes The Weasel
    The title of this episode refers to the nursery rhyme "Pop Goes The Weasel".
  • It's revealed that Ash's name is short for "Ashley".
  • The song Izzy is singing is "You're My Baby". But this song wasn't a song by Iron Weasel until the later episode "Birthdazed".

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