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Please give credit to my art! Edit

Hi, my name is Alyssa. Known as AlyssaTolensky on Deviantart and I noticed that you posted a few of my pictures. I am very flattered that you would use my pictures, but I would greatly appreciate it if you gave credit to my work or posted a link to the original source.



P.S. No offense, but I extremely dislike the fact that in the Iron Weasel x Diamond Shark picture, that you have the nerve to edit it and cut out Burger and Bertha. I understand if you don't like Burger, but it's not cool to manipulate other people's work to meet your standards.

My I'm in the Band folder on Deviantart --->

Edits and Ash Edit

Why does every character have black eyes listed as their eye color? Seeing as this can't be editted, here is what should be there...

Derek's eyes - brown

Burger's eyes - grey blue

Ash's eyes - dark brown

Tripp's eyes - hazel, fear- peeing his pants in public

Izzy's eyes - brown

Jared's eyes - brown, hair - dark brown, enemies - Scott Jensen

Lana's eyes - green

Bleed's eyes - dark brown

Not that difficult to look up the actor's eye colors. Secondly, Derek was born in 1966 and he can also speak Japanese, and Ash's real name is ASHTON. Izzy was joking when she called him Ashley. On all the other sites I go onto, his name is listed as Ashton.

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