In this short Chucky gets revenge on the band from the events of Grand Theft Weasel (Destroying his stuffed animal, tickling him)

Plot Edit

Chucky sneaks into the garage where the band practices and does his first part of Revenge by taking one of everyones favorite posessions and destroying them. When that happens the band thinks they sabatoged each other and leave angrily then when Derek accidentally turns the heat up and locks the door he takes of his shirt and has on a sleeveless shirt and tries to find a way out but then passes out of exhaustion. Chuck then wakes up and sees the band staring at him and Tripp says that they set up a camera in case one of them sabatoged something else. Burger and Ash want to destroy his new stuffed animal Gorbo although Derek walks over to it and trips over a large object and notices it's their tickle table from before and sees the three feather dusters and a plastic hand. Derek tells Tripp and Burger to tie up Chuck. After they tie him up Tripp sets up the tickle table and Chucky screams NOOOOOO! In the next scene Derek and Burger are tickling his armpits with feather dusters, Tripp uses the plastic hand to tickle his torso and Ash is holding his arms down. This continues as Chucky says he is sorry but the band still continues. Chuck's father walks in and says why is he being tickled the band explains what happens and shows them the video and Chuck's father tells him to lay down and asks Derek for a feather duster and tickles his feet while the rest of his body is also tickled

Trivia Edit

  • This short was released to Disney a day after Grand Theft Weasel aired
  • This is the tickle table's third appearence
  • Chuck reveals his ticklish spot is his torso
  • Chuck was tickled in his armpits by a bully everyday