Tripp Campbell

Birth Name

Tripp Campbell


Kid, Little Man, Tripp,




15 (16 in Season 2, 21 in Season 3)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Beth (Mom), Jack (Dad), Grandma Nana (Grandmother)


To Play With Iron Weasel




Iron Weasel

Too many parameters

Tripp Campbell the 15 (later 16) year old protagonist of I'm in The Band. After winning a radio contest to have dinner with his favorite band Iron Weasel, and convincing them to let him help them become famous again, Tripp achieves his dream of being a guitarist for Iron Weasel. His mother is Beth Campbell, and his best friend is Izzy Fuentes.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Tripp Campbell is Caucasian teenage boy of average height with a lean frame. He has brown hair and green eyes. His normal style of clothes is a red plaid jacket or a black leather jacket with a t-shirt underneath, with ripped jeans and black shoes.


Tripp can be described as a rocker and a ladies man. He is usually nice to everyone, minus those who bother him, and is on good terms with almost everyone at his school. His most noticible trait is flirting with highschool girls and cheerleaders. He always knows how to get a date with those he finds attractive. Tripp is also the mature one in the band, sorting out their issues and problems.                                   

History    Edit

After Iron Weasel's final split in 2011, Tripp went on to be in a successful band with best friend Izzy Fuentes.                                                                                                                                                 

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