Weasels in the House
Season 1, Episode 1
Iron Weasel5
Air date November 27, 2009
Written by Michael B. Kaplan and Ron Rappaport
Directed by Shelley Jensen
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Tripp Campbell wins the chance to have dinner with his favorite band, Iron Weasel, He uses the opportunity to audition as the band's new lead guitarist. He later books them to perform at his high school, fooling the band into the thinking that they are being honored as "Band of the Century", When they are actually crashing a teacher appreciation assembly. In the end, the band are thurt when they learn that the whole thing was a teacher appreciation assembly and that Tripp had tricked them. But despite this, the guys understand why Tripp lied. They then accept him as the newest member of Iron Weasel.


  • (Tripp is trying to win a radio contest)
    Principal Strickland: Mr. Campbell, get to class.
    Tripp: Just one second Mr. Strickland...
    DJ Fat Man: (on the radio) So, who's our lucky winner?
    Principal Strickland: Who do you think you are?
    Tripp: (to DJ) Tripp Campbell!
    DJ Fat Man: Tripp Campbell, do you want to have dinner with Iron Weasel?
    Principal Strickland: Do you want a week of detention?
    Tripp: You bet I do, Fat Man!
    (Principal looks at him fiercely)
  • Derek: (on the radio) What was the name of our band before we were Iron Weasel?
    Tripp: (on the phone) Uh, Derek Jupiter and the Other Guys!
    Derek: Correct! - The other guys selfishly made me change it.
  • Ash: (into the microphone) WHAT'S UP NEW YORK?!!
    DJ Fat Man: We're in Los Angeles.


  • Iron Weasel songs featured:

"Pull My Finger" & "Weasel Rock"

  • The things that Izzy collected from Iron Weasel are a lock of Ash's hair, a half-eaten churro from Burger, and Derek's toenail clipping.
  • The band's name "Iron Weasel" kind of refers to the names other rock bands, such as Iron Maiden and Screeching Weasel.
  • When Izzy says "How is Steven Tyler's gum weird?" is a reference to Steven Tyler the singer and musician, known for being the front man of the hard rock band, Aerosmith.
  • Derek mentions Guns N' Roses.


Logan miller as Tripp campbell

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