Immediately picking up where the episode Burning Down the House had left off, Tripp, Derek, Burger and Ash are sleeping in the garage. Ash is having nightmares-within-nightmares about him, Derek and Burger in a parody of the Star Wars films, Derek is making Coffee in the Washing Machine and Burger is taking a shower using a swimming pool, clothes and a hula-hoop. Simon Craig comes and allows them to stay in his big mansion with Video Arcade, Water Slides and Pastery Chef. Derek, Burger and Ash agree, but Tripp disagrees because Chucky is Simon's stepson and he is planning to destroy them after the events of the two episodes: Slap Goes The Weasel and Chucky's Revenge, but afterwards, they agree to come stay at Simon's mansion. When they get there, Simon asks them to babysit Chucky because he is having a "1920s Murder Mystery" party. After hours of dealing with him, Tripp, Derek and Burger leave Ash to take care of Chucky while they go to the party. Chucky tells Ash that they "trusted him to keep an eye on Chucky" and that he should go tell them how much that means to him. Ash leaves and goes to the party, but they remind him that he is not keeping an eye on him. Simon yells "Someone has taken the kid!", and the boys think that Chucky is missing and two guests are "murdered" at the party. When they encounter Simon's encountant, he tells them that the "Kid" is the name of a fake diamond stolen in the game and when Chucky leaves them a video message, it shows him tearing their garage apart and letting them know that he put a letter in the envelope saying that he ran away from home because Iron Weasel was treating him wrong and that if he loves him, Simon will fire them. When the game ends, Derek, Ash and Burger stall Simon and the guests with stories until Izzy arrives with Chucky. Simon asks them to take Chucky for a fishing trip the next day and Chucky tells them that it is at a place where no one can hear them scream. They run back to their garage and Izzy tells them that she pulled Chucky's ear to bring him back to the party. The episode ends with another parody of the Star Wars films, with Chucky, Izzy, Tripp, Burger, Derek and Ash. Meanwhile, Izzy tries to give Simon a demo CD of hers' called "Who I Am". But she keeps losing the CD and Simon cheers her on, thinking that she means something else when she says "Who I Am".